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500 Bookbags

Let us tell you a miracle story:

Once upon a time, there was a flame whose mission was to collect school supplies and send them to children who needed these items. The only problem was that they had a lot of supplies, but very few bookbags. After questioning how they would ever be able to have enough bookbags to start their project, they received an unexpected call from one of their friends! Their friend had known what they were trying to accomplish, but they did not know they needed bookbags.

"Hey! Did you need any bookbags?" asked the friend.

"Yes! Some bookbags would be amazing!" exclaimed the flame.

"Well, we have a lot here waiting for you." said the friend.

"That's awesome! Thank you for the donation!" the flame said as they hung up the phone.

Full of excitement, the flame headed to the friend's house to pick up the bookbags they had mentioned. When the flame arrived, they were in awe of the 25 boxes stacked on one another. Gleefully, the flame thanked their friend and asked who sent this gift so they could thank them properly. The flame was given a name and a phone number, but when they called it to express their gratitude, there was no answer. When the flame finally carried all their boxes to their house, they counted all the bookbags and discovered they had 500. So the little flame, as excited as could be, began to fill all the bags.

This is a true story, although whimsically told, and it was one of the biggest blessings Future Change has received. This gift helped us benefit 500 students, teachers, and administrators on our first trip in 2021. We could not be more thankful!

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